dragonflies (2020)

Dragonflies is a journey that encompasses struggle, curiosity and hope for new beginnings. From nymph to dragonfly, this creature must shed its exoskeleton multiple times before venturing out into the unknown and intuitively discovering new life. During this exploration, I have found stillness and beauty, becoming witness to new life during the spring season. 

Mock-ups of an exhibition proposal. - How I would show the work in a space with hypothetical unlimited resources. 

entrance / exit

As you "walk in", you're faced with the long print that is the main feature of that wall. It would be printed onto habotai silk, pinned to the wall in a way that leaves room for movement when the viewer walks by.

In the middle of the space is a plinth with the book from the project as well as hanging glass cylinders that have been printed onto - inspired by scans of charcoal drawings that are incorporated into this project. - See below.

The aim of showing the book this way makes it into a sculptural piece - becoming a part of the experience of seeing the works and not necessarily just placed to be flipped through towards the end of the exhibition. You can refer to it at any given time. It is the heart of the exhibition.

door leads to blacked-out space for viewing video

The rest of the walls host the narrative of the project. Framed prints, vinyl & hanging charcoal drawings, drawn onto thin low-opacity tracing paper - letting the image below seep through.

entrance / exit

poem excerpt from book

door leads to 360° viewing window cube - where you can see the lake below your feet and forest further out, sheltered from the elements but giving way to nature's symphony.